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Things have been going pretty plainly for a while. I am enjoying the photo stuff. but there isn’t else much going on. i mean. i am climbing, and filling the time with stuff. but there isn’t much to it. i always told myself that simpler is better. i think it is that pre-spring itch. i don’t actively want a gf, but i guess i am looking but totally not at the same time. we will see if i end up complicating myself anytime soon.
finished up a package for tim, but going to hold onto it until he returns from Buffalo. also, i want to start writing letters. typing on joe’s underwood was one of the more enjoyable exercises i have done recently. i bought that elements of style book, and i should really re-up my writing. PREPARE TO BE AMAZED, BLOG. (uh, can we not call it a blog please?)



5 Responses to “construcskbatle”

  1. moseswilbur Says:

    Nice pics. And you’ve got access to an Underwood, to boot. I bought an old 1940’s Royal on EBay. The sound of the keys alone is like the crumbly topping on fresh, warm Dutch apple pie.

  2. ShiNa Says:

    love your pic.. they’re wondurful! ;)

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