Untitled States of affairs


Everything is great!

been moving around some. breathing too. makin noises, sometimes i am in midair and not touching the ground. i’ve also slept on the ground though. So i guess you can say i have all of my bases covered.

now for the detailed review:

saturday knicko and i joined the hidden peaks climbing gym. it is a nice little buried room of climbing down in chicago. everyone there is basically the nicest ever, employees and other climbers. we hit it up for about 2 or 3 hours. while i didn’t wake up with claw hands as i predicted, i am a great kind of sore and looking forward to tuesday, (also pumped because peter will be coming with.) afterwards, we headed up to niles to the REI shop which is basically my version of a candy store. Quick list of items that i want: Headlamp, leatherman micro tool, climbing shoes, super sleeping bag, tents, snow shoes, climbing harness, cliff bars, nalgene bottle, compass. i managed to leave with only buying a carrot cake cliff bar and 50 ft of orange nylon cord. yeah, thats me.

today has been pretty nice. on my way to the jewel i saw some nice looking girl in the cafe who looked at me through two different windows. while shopping i decided that i would talk to her on my way home because she had those kind of eyes that just reach out and smack you. you know the ones. well literally 10 minutes after i first saw her through the window she was gone. just like that. gone. so i walked home dejected and cooked dinner.  then i went through a bunch of old photos and uploaded them all to flickr. now i need to go through them and fill out all the descriptions ish.

just spoke to d kieley and he is doing good.

oh, and i got my savings account all set up and i dropped $250 in there. $200 for the cam, $25 for the T-amp and $25 for a flickr pro account which i think i want. i’ll be able to tell more when i get my camera. i also need a new pair of glasses, but i don’t know if i wll include that in the experiment or not.  ok goodnight.


One Response to “Untitled States of affairs”

  1. nicko Says:

    Peter Galassi is coming tuesday? Sweet! I haven’t done anything with him in a very very long time.

    I’m going to try to arrange things at work so I’ll always be able to get out before 6, maybe I can take all the 8-5 shifts. I just realized last night that our time for going during the week will put us right at rush hour.

    I buckled and tried wearing my shoes barefoot (after claiming that would never happen) and it’s true that it’s a much better fit. I do get suction farts between my foot and the insole though. I also showed my Dad the chalk bag today and got chalk on the couch. I’ll have to get used to that happening.

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