Christ i hate the term Blogroll


so ignore it in the sidebar. wth, i better find out how to change that soon, but i just don’t have the time while at work.

anyway i wanted to write to get a good idea down on paper. most people who know me know that i have got problems when it comes to impulse buying really cool things. also i have trouble saving money. normal things, but i need to take care of them none-the-less. (knick knows how this goes i am sure.) my wonderfully exciting idea is this. when the fancy flight of consumerism takes me i will make two actions. the first is to wait. that is easy enough to deem a good idea. the next is where this gets revolutionary. i take the amount that this product is, (currently it is a $200 camera.) and i place an equal amount into my savings account. that gives me the go ahead to purchase the item when i could next afford it. basically it makes anything i want to buy twice as costly to me. but obviously half of that isn’t going anyware other than my savings. this will help me put products into perspective. $200 cam vs $400 cam. plus i can build my savings.

so, this afternoon i will transfer $200 of my disposable income to my savings account (yet to be created) and from there i will not beable to immediately afford this camera. when my next paycheck comes around i will be able to, and i will buy it. and i will be happy. and all will be right in the world.

(also, i want to buy the $30 T-Amp the entre hi-fi world has been raving about, so i will deposit $230 TO MY FUTURE AND MY FUTURE”S FUTURE.)

sorry no links here. i don’t want to temp myself anymore than i already have, so i will do no such search.



One Response to “Christ i hate the term Blogroll”

  1. erni Says:

    i Think, it’s will better i have blogroll…

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