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ipod pin out

31 October, 2005

found this site after a real quick and dirty search. next quest for info will involve the serial I/O and how to hack/rev-eng that ish. back to work.


it is now all hallows eve, EOM

31 October, 2005

goodnight! godbless!


31 October, 2005

oh right tears

30 October, 2005

when i did get to bed after spending the day at nicko’s i was hella sick and that was no fun. i woke up fine this morning! so everything is good again. don’t worry.


30 October, 2005

so yesterday was fun, tho the day ended in tears. sort of.

after nicko’s halloween party (at which we watched a movie that had a bit for everyone.) i came home, uploaded some pictures to my comp and went to sleeps.

when morning came around it was too nice. i decided to sleep in instead of going to my class, curling up in this bed for another couple hours of that wonderful midmorning sleep. i managed to keep the rest of the day going in the same vein, sitting through noon in this same bed going through the reader and then turning to this computer and my neighbor’s internet. i made plans to head back to nicko’s for an afternoon of hacks and hanging, i grabbed both of my routers and my computer and headed up, where i actually made this weblog and signed up for the flickr account. and then of course i posted the pictures of jim’s crotch.

went through a few future projects that i mean to start shortly, which should give me a good deal of things to focus on through these winter months. plans to start climbing have begun to form, which makes me very excited. also a project to modify the aux input of my car, to better accept turnes from my ipod or anything else for that matter. 

i’ll get into a few details so that they are archived somewhere besides the conversations i have had with nicko.

firstly, in the current issue of make there is a small three page article about making a headphone amp that fits within a mint tin. that is all well and good, but people are blasting their headphones much too loud as it is. regardless, it is fairly obvious that this author means for this to be used with high impedance “cans” rather than the crap earbuds everyone is using with thier ipods. this use of the amplifier isn’t what i need, rather i’m looking to make an amplifier that will sit in line with my 1/8th inch input i have already installed into my dash. of course since this will be an installed part, so running off of a 9volt wouldn’t do. i’ll make it run off of the 12volt DC that is already running to my cigarette lighter, and i will probably still encase it in something similar, but i will leave the gain potentiometer to be mounted in the next panel over from the input. i’m curious to know if anyone makes a pot/input combination so that i wouldn’t have to take up the next panel over. best case scenario would be an input that has a rotating collar that is either directly attached to the pot or at least geared to it (which of course is probably why it won’t exist.) anyway, haveing this amplifier would mean that i wouldn’t have to waste ipod batteries to “blast” music through the headphone jacks so that i could avoid cranking up my head unit. of course that brings me to my next project.

which is canibalizing an ipod dock to supply power, while drawing a line level signal. further extensions (which will take much longer to impliment would also draw song information and some how recoding it to display on my head unit. of course i would also want to transfer control there aswell, making it a fully intergrated solution to this portable music thing. first step would probably be to get one of those new ipod docks and tear it apart. and i’m sure there is plenty of resources on the net to find out what each of the pinouts correspond to.

aside from these projects, i am still trying to outfit this wrt54gs to leech wifi for me and distribute it among my various PCs. i’ve got openwrt running, but i am having some difficulty in getting it to fully connect to a signal. (zero signal quality,though the s/n ratio is looking fine.) i’m sure it is something small and i should be able to work through it before too long. i would rather write these posts from my desktop, but that will have to wait for a bit i guess.

and with that, i’m out. pz.


29 October, 2005

ok so, first post?


29 October, 2005


it’s doob’s crotch!

taken at nick’s halloween party!